Joint Mission of Sherlock Holmes & Wonder Woman

Teaming up to save the mental health indutry

Mental Health Avengers - Desi Style!

Picture this: a mental health startup in India that speaks the language of your heart, understands the quirks of your generation, and battles the monsters lurking in your mind. We're here, my fellow 20-something Desis, to make mental health support as relatable as your favorite movie or the latest viral meme. Welcome to our world, where psychologists in their 20s are the heroes you never knew you needed!

Because, darling, you're not alone—we're right here, by your side, ready to make your 20s the best damn decade of your life!

Our Vision

Our vision is simple: to create a mental health revolution for our generation, fueled by Desi swag.

We know you're tired of therapists who seem like they just stepped out of a black-and-white movie. That's why our team of psychologists in their 20s is straight out of your favorite Netflix series, complete with pop culture references, slang, and the ability to whip out the perfect meme for any situation.

Just like the Avengers assemble to save the world, we've brought together a dream team of therapists who speak your language, literally and metaphorically. They're the superheroes who understand the unique struggles you face—be it dealing with your parents' never-ending wedding questions or navigating the wild maze of career choices. With their powers of empathy, insight, and a killer playlist, they'll guide you through the rollercoaster ride of your 20s.

Our Founders

Ayush Garg | Co-Founder MindFry
Ayush Garg
Aditi Mishra | Co-Founder MindFry
Aditi Mishra

Industry Leaders Backing Us

Monika Singh MindFry Testimonial

Our mental & emotional health affects How we think , behave or act. And it is also important at every stage of life from childhood - teenhood to adulthood. 

Unaddressed mental health issue can have a negative influence & impact on people’s lives. But having a support system, community and a place to open your heart & speak, can make a huge difference. And I am really impressed how is offering a space for everyone to actually talk about it without any fear, shame or being judged. Best Wishes ❤

Monika Singh

Founder, Magical Minds Academy

Our Professionals

Travelling with you in your journey 

Radhika Sethi

Sr. Counseling Psychologist

Siddharth Sharma

Counseling Psychologist

Aditi Mishra

Counseling Psychologist

Christie Saju

Counseling Psychologist

Sonal Patel

Counseling Psychologist

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Travelling with you in your mental health pursuit. ♥

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